About Us


Morgan Rodríguez and Ashlyn Bugbee are full-time yoga teachers and teacher trainers based in Denver, Colorado. Each equipped with 5 years of teaching experience, thousands of hours of training, and a knack for community building, they make a powerful retreat leading team. Their individual gifts offer a unique flair to each of their retreat experiences. Morgan draws much of her teachings from her mestiza ancestry, weaving aspects of shamanism and sacred ritual into her yoga instruction. Ashlyn's teachings are influenced by Katonah Yoga®, a Hatha practice rooted in geometric alignment principals, pranayama, and Taoist theory. 

When it comes to retreat leading, Morgan and Ashlyn leave no stone unturned. Each retreat experience is hand-crafted from the ground up, lovingly curated and engineered to meet the needs and desires of its patrons. The mission of each and every ELEVATE & REJUVENATE retreat is to leave you with a life-changing experience that stirs your spirit and fills your cup.